Grasas y Aceites, Vol 45, No 4 (1994)

Changes In the lipid composition of rat hepatic microsomes induced by the diet

V. Ruíz Gutiérrez
Instituto de la Grasa y sus Derivados (C.S.I.C.), Spain

A. Pérez Espinosa
Instituto de la Grasa y sus Derivados (C.S.I.C.), Spain

F. J. García Muriana
Instituto de la Grasa (C.S.I.C.), Sevilla, Spain


The effect on the hepatic microsomes from rats fed with either virgin olive oil (10%) or fish oil (10%), with or without added cholesterol (1%), has been studied. The fatty acid composition, desaturase activities and microviscosity (membrane fluidity) using male Wistar rats after weaning were determined. The results show that the fatty acid composition and other properties of the hepatic microsomes change with the diet. After cholesterol feeding, an increase in membrane microviscosity and a decrease in the activity of Δ6 desaturase were observed.


Fatty acid (composition in); Liver; Microsomes; Rat

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