Grasas y Aceites, Vol 43, No 4 (1992)

The agreement between sensorial characteristics and information produced by stability tests in soybean oil

A. M. O. Rauen-Miguel
Instituto de Tecnología de Alimentos (ITAL), Brazil

W. Esteves
Laboratorio de Oleos e Gorduras, FEA, UNICAMP, Brazil

D. Barrera-Arellano
Laboratorio de Oleos e Gorduras, FEA, UNICAMP, Brazil


The relationship between sensorial deterioration (shelf-life) and induction period of refined soybean oil was studied, according to data obtained with the Rancimat method and peroxide value during 190 days of storage of the sample at room temperature. The Rancimat curve was obtained at 110 ºC, 10 l/h of air flow and 5,0 g of sample and showed an induction period of 6.75 h. From the variation of the peroxide value the induction period was 107 days, equivalent to 6,4 meg/kg. The sensorial analysis was carried out by a well trained panel which established that the sensorial deterioration of the sample was 102 days.


Induction Period; Rancimat; Shelf-life; Soybean oil

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