Grasas y Aceites, Vol 42, No 6 (1991)

A regression analysis on the green olives debittering

Gerassimos C. Kopsidas
Eleorgiki, Atenas, Greece


In this paper, a regression model, which gives the debittering time t as a function of the sodium hydroxide concentration 0 and the debittering temperature T, at the debittering of medium size green olive fruit of the Conservolea variety, is fitted. This model has the simple form t=aoCa1 ∙ ea2/T, where ao, a1, and a2 are constants. The values of ao, a1, and a2 are determined by the method of least squares from a set of experimental data. The determined model is very satisfactory for the conditions in which Greek green olives are debittered.


Debittering; Green table olive; Least squares; Regression analysis

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