Grasas y Aceites, Vol 42, No 5 (1991)

Physical and chemical properties of fractionated and interesterified beef tallows

M. A. Grompone
Facultad de Química. Montevideo, Uruguay


Fatty acid composition and physical properties (melting point, solid fat index, titer) of the fractions obtained from the Uruguayan beef tallow by industrial dry cooling process were determined. Products obtained on the laboratory by transesterification of these fractions and interesterification of them with sunflower oil were also studied.
With these results it is better understanding their behaviour and potential end-use applications. The selection among different products with similar physicochemical properties depends not only upon economical factors (raw material cost, operation costs, etc.) but technical (stability to rancidity, etc.) as well.


Beef fat; Interesterification; Thermic fractionation; Transesterification

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