Grasas y Aceites, Vol 55, No 2 (2004)

Solvent extraction of jojoba oil from pre-pressed jojoba meal

Ferial A. Zaher
National Research Center, Fats and oil Department, Egypt

Omayma S. El Kinawy
National Research Center, Fats and oil Department, Egypt

Dalia E. El Haron
Environics, Management of Environmental Systems, Egypt


The solvent extraction process of jojoba oil from the meal cake obtained after the mechanical pressing of jojoba seeds was studied. Commercial hexane and petroleum ether were used as solvents and the extraction was carried out at temperatures ranging from 30 to 55 °C using solvent-to-solid ratios, R between 2 and 15 L/kg. The equilibrium compositions of the solvent and solid phases were determined. Based on the equilibrium data, the partition coefficient or distribution ratio, D of the oil between both phases was estimated. Also, the number of extraction stages necessary to achieve a certain degree of oil recovery has been determined using different hexane-to-meal ratios. Jojoba oil was also tested for its physical and chemical properties including chemical composition, percentage fatty acid, peroxide value, flash point, fire point, pour point, refractive index, saponification and iodine values. The stability of jojoba oil during storage at room temperature and during heat treatment was also studied.


Jojoba oil; Jojoba seed; Leaching; Solvent extraction

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