Grasas y Aceites, Vol 55, No 2 (2004)

Composition of biologically active lipids of lamiaceae seed oils

M. D. Zlatanov
University of Plovdiv, Department of Chemical Technology, Bulgaria

G. A. Antova
University of Plovdiv, Department of Chemical Technology, Bulgaria


The content of glyceride oil, phospholipid, sterol and tocopherol composition of 7 species of fam. Lamiaceae seeds were investigated. 8.7-28.6 % of glyceride oil in the seeds were determined. The content of phospholipids in the oils was found to be 1.0-1.6 %. Phosphatidylcholine (35.5-63.1 %), phosphatidylinositol (19.1-30.2 %) and phosphatidyl ethanolamine (5.8-21.6 %) were the main components in the phospholipid fraction. In the sterol fraction (0.1-0.3 % total sterols in the oils) 64.8-86.3 % are in free form and 13.7-35.2 % as sterol esters. β -Sitosterol predominates in all glyceride oils (48.8-87.9 %), followed by campesterol (1.5-22.5 %) and stigmasterol (1.1-12.8 %). 6.3-649.7 mg/kg tocopherols were found, mainly α -tocopherol (48.5-99.9%).


Lamiaceae; Lipid composition; Seed oil

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