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The Glycemic Index. Applications in Practice.– E. Philippou, ed.– CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton, FL, USA.– XVI + 333 pages.- ISBN 978-1-4987-0366-6.

The study of the carbohydrate effect on health and on the ethology of numerous diseases has been a hot topic during last decades. In 1981, Drs. D. Jenking, T. Woler and their colleagues from Toronto University introduced the concept of glycemic index. This concept allows the classification of the different types of foods based on the rate of blood glucose rise following their consumption. This book collects many of the different studies carried out in relation to the glycemic index and its relation to different diseases and physiological states.

The book contains 13 chapters. It starts with the chapter “Introduction to dietary carbohydrates and the glycemic index”, E. Philippou and A. Salem-Al Dhaheri (22 pages, 109 references) which describes the different types of carbohydrates and defines the glycemic index. The second chapter collects the criticisms about its usefulness, its validity, and its determination. Its title is “Common criticisms of the glycemic index”, E. Viguiliouk, V. H. Jayalath, V. Ha and T. M. S. Wolever (5 pages, 50 references). The third chapter, entitled “Measuring the glycemic index of foods”, F. S. Atkinson, K. Lin-Ek an J. C. Brand-Miller (16 pages, 63 references), describes the methodology commonly employed in its determination. The following eight chapters are dedicated to the relationship between glycemic index and different diseases: “Glycemic index and diabetes mellitus. Evidence on prevention and management and implications on insulin resistance”, L. Chiavaroli, L. S. A. Augustin, C. W. C. Kendall and D. J. A. Jenkins (33 pages, 231 references); “Glycemic index and cardiovascular disease risk prevention and management”, V. Ha, E. Viguiliouk, A. Mirrahimi, J. L. Sievenpiper, R. J. de Souza, C. W. C. Kendall, D. J. A. Jenkins and T. M. S. Wolever (27 pages, 132 references); “Glycemic index in preventing and managing obesity. Implications for appetite and body weight regulation”, A. Raben, S. Nyby and M. Juanola-Falgarona (19 pages, 127 references); “Glycemic index, glycemic load, and cancer prevention” L. S. A. Augustin, L. Chiavaroli, S. Nishi, A. Mirrahimi, C. W. C. Kendall and D. J. A. Jenkins (29 pages, 203 references); “Manipulating dietary glycemic index as a means of improving exercise and sport performance”, L. McNaghton, D. Bentley and S. A. Sparks (16 pages, 184 references); ”Dietary glycemic index manipulation to improve cognitive functioning. Is it possible?”, E. Philippou and M. Constantinou (26 pages, 59 references); “Glycemic index and women’s health. Dietary GI in management of polycystic ovary syndrome and during pregnancy”, K. Marsh (20 pages, 137 references); “Glycemic index and eye health. Dietary hyperglycemia and metabolic retinal diseases”, C.-J. Chiu, M.-L Chang and A. Taylor (53 pages, 425 references). Finally, the last two chapters are dedicated to the advantages of including the glycemic index on the nutritional labelling and the role that other nutrients have on the glycemic index, respectively. Their titles are: “Glycemic index use on food labels. Informed food choice or misuse?”, A. W. Barclay (11 pages, 28 references); “Creating food products with a lower glycemic index”, S. Vinoy, A. Lesdéma, G. Cesbron-Lavau, A. Goux and A. Meynier (34 pages, 198 references). The book also includes an appendix containing the glycemic index of numerous foods. Its title is: “Glycemic index of some commonly consumed foods” (4 pages, 2 references).

In summary, a novel book with an up-to-date information on this interesting topic. It will be of interest for both those working in this subject and those wanting to know present tendencies for a healthy life.

F. J. Hidalgo

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