Grasas y Aceites, Vol 54, No 1 (2003)

The effect of table olive preparing methods and storage on the composıtıon and nutrıtıve value of olives

Kemal Ünal
Ege University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Food Engineering, Turkey

Cevdet Nergiz
Celal Bayar University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Food Engineering, Turkey


Three types of table olives–green, kalamata and black- were prepared from Memecik variety olives, chemical composition and nutritive values were examined during the processing and storage. Data are provided for moisture, oil and its fatty acid composition, crude fiber and protein, total and reducing sugars, sodium chloride and ash, titratable acidity, pH value and some minerals in table olive flesh samples.The caloric values of three types of olives were calculated by using the content of protein, carbohydrates and oil. Results for three types of table olives obtained during processing and storage are discussed in detail.


Chemical composition; Nutritive value; Processing methods; Storage; Table olives

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