Grasas y Aceites, Vol 51, No 3 (2000)

Simultaneous determination of the lipoxygenase and hydroperxide lyase specificity in olive fruit pulp

Joaquín J. Salas
Instituto de la Grasa. Av. Padre García Tejero, 4. Sevilla, Spain, Spain


Olive pulp lipoxygenase regiospecificity and hydroperoxide lyase substrate specificity are important parameters in order to justify the volatile composition of olive oil. A new radiolabelling method to determine simultaneously these properties using only thin layer chromatography steps is described in the present work. The method involves incubation of an enzyme preparation from olive pulp with radiolabelled linoleate, followed by the fractionation of the resulting lipid products, previously treated with 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine, on thin layer chromatography plates coated with polyethylenglycol 400. The results obtained are in agreement with previous studies carried out by other methods.


Flavor; Hydroperoxide lyase; Lipoxygenase; Olive; Olive oil; Specificity

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