Grasas y Aceites, Vol 59, No 4 (2008)

Production of structured lipids by enzymatic transesterification of soybean oil and palm kernel oil in a packed-bed reactor

Nelson Moreno Safra
Centro de Investigación en Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos CICTA Escuela de Química, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Aide Perea Villamil
Centro de Investigación en Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos CICTA Escuela de Química, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia


Enzymatic synthesis of structured lipids by transesterification of soybean oil with palm kernel oil was evaluated in a packed-bed reactor with a capacity for 500g of enzyme loading. Lipozyme RM-IM was used as catalyst. Substrate blends were passed through the enzyme bed at different flow rates. Transesterification reached a level of 19.6 %, with a maximum calculated productivity of 2344 kg of transesterified oil/kg of immobilized enzyme, a flow rate of 9,36 kg oil/kg enzyme/h. The triacylglycerols formed in major proportion were C40:2, C42:2, C42:3, C44:2, C44:3, C50:3 and C50:4. Stereoespecific analysis of the fat before and after transesterification shows a slight migration of acyl groups. The products obtained by this technology can be applied in the formulation of lipid emulsions for enteral and parenteral nutrition and the food industry.


Lipase; Lipozyme; Packed-bed reactor; RM-IM; Structured lipids

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