Grasas y Aceites, Vol 50, No 5 (1999)

Fatty acid composition of leaf lipids of some Alchemilla L (Rosaceae) species from Northeast Anatolia (Turkey)

F. A. Ayaz
Department of Biology, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey

S. Ayirlioglu-Ayaz, Turkey

O. Beyazoglu, Turkey


Fatty acid composition of total leaf lipids of 23 species from five series of the genus Alchemilla L. was studied by GC. Fatty acids identified and quantified are C 12:0, C 14:0, G 16:0, G 18:0, G 20:0, G 22:0, G 24:0, G 26:0 and G 28:0 as saturated, and G 16:1, G 18:1, G 18:2 and G 18:3 as unsaturated with the major fatty acids G 18:2 and G 18:3. The highest content of fatty acid was quantified in A. hirtipedicellata (78.34%) for ser. Elatae, A. A.erytropoda (68.74 %) for ser. Pubescentes, A. rizensis (76.47%) for ser. Sericeae, A. dura (73.94%) for ser. Galycinae and A. psedocartalinica (74.58%) for ser. Vulgares. The G 18:1 acid was determined in trace amounts while G 20:0, G 22:0, G 24:0 and G 28:0 acids were not determined in most of these species. Taxonomic value and phylogenetic implications of results are discussed.


Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae); Fatty acid; Leave; Taxonomy;Turkey.

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