Grasas y Aceites, Vol 49, No 2 (1998)

Thermally decomposed ricebran oil as a diesel fuel

O. A. Megahed
Fats and Oils Dept., NRC, Egypt

S. T. Keera
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt

R. I. Abdallah
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt

F. A. Zaher
Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt


Ricebran oil; a non edible oil, was thermally decomposed using different loads of calcium oxide as catalyst. The fuel properties of the cracked product were evaluated as compared to those of diesel fuel. The considered properties included the calorific value, flash point, viscosity, pour point, distillation characteristics, cetane number in addition to some other fuel properties. The results had shown that the fuel properties of the decomposed oil were quite similar to those of standard diesel fuel. The calorific value was 80-90% that of diesel fuel and the viscosity was sligthy higher. The prepared fuel was advantageous over diesel fuel as the former was completely free from sulfur, which on fuel combustion produces corrosive gases of sulfur oxides.


Fuel properties; Ricebran oil; Thermally decomposed

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