Grasas y Aceites, Vol 49, No 3-4 (1998)

«Security» in industrial frying processes.

S. R. Kochhar
SPK Consultancy Services, United Kingdom


. It is well known that equipment design features can have a profound effect on the working life of a frying oil, and consequently on secure/safe operation of the industrial deep-frying at high temperatures. The design aspects of the cooker should eliminate known factors of heat degradation/oxidation in the frying oil while maintaining outputs of products of consistent quality. For instance, the pro-oxidant catalyst copper or brass valves/fittings must not be employed. Continuous removal of debris/sediment and the maintenance of uniform oil temperatures leads to the development of FFAs at a lower rate, better taste, colour and appearance of the product. Security thermostats are fitted to each heating element in many modern, small-scale catering fryers. These are designed to trip out if the primary thermostat fails to function. Also the current isolation switch cuts off the electrical supply if the element head is not placed correctly in the fryer. In both catering and industrial frying operations, smoke haze can be a problem. The volatile break-down products such as FFAs, etc. formed in the oil being heated at high temperatures give rise to smoke, which if not controlled can enhance fire hazards due to their lower flash point. The smoke point is of most benefit in assessing the quality of a frying oil, since it is mainly the FFAs produced in the frying operation which contribute to the smoke haze. Commercial frying oils as well as the entire frying installation including cooker design, must meet strict quality and safety requirements. These features become extremely important, especially in the industrial flash frying operation when the frying oil is heated to a higher temperature of 200°G. High oil quality and high smoke/flash point frying oils are essential characteristics of the flash frying operation. These days, two important features namely carbon dioxide blanketing system and a waste air cleaning system have become standard design items for secure and environmental friendly operation of multi-purpose industrial fryers. This paper will highlight various safety and design features of many modern, industrial frying operations.


Design features; Frying equipment; Safety; Security.

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