Grasas y Aceites, Vol 49, No 5-6 (1998)

Lipase - Catalyzed glycerolysis of sunflower oil to produce partial glycerides.

F. A. Zaher
Fats and Oils Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt

Saadia M. Aly
Fats and Oils Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt

O. S. El-Kinawy
Fats and Oils Dept., National Research Centre, Egypt


Partial glycerides were prepared by glycerolysis of sunflower oil in presence of lipase enzyme as catalyst. Six lipases of different origins were used and compared for their catalytic activity. These include Chromobacterium lipase, pancreatic lipase, Rhizopus arrhizus lipase, lyophilized lipase (plant lipase) in addition to two lipase preparations derived from Rhizopus japonicas; Lilipase A-10 and Lilipase B-2. Chromobacterium lipase was found to be the most active as glycerolysis catalyst whereas lyophilized lipase; a plant preparation from wheat germ was the least active. The results have also shown that the lipase type affects also the product polarity and hence its field of application as a food emulsifier. Less polar products can be obtained using Chromobacterium lipase whereas the more polar ones using a fungal lipase preparation «Lipase A-10». The product polarity is also influenced by the process temperature but the mode of its effect is different for different lipases.


Glycerolisis; Lipase; Partial glyceride (obtention); Sunflower oil.

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