Grasas y Aceites, Vol 48, No 6 (1997)

Volatile compounds of Domiati cheese made from buffaloe's milk with different fat content.

Magda A. Abd El-Mageed
Chemistry of Flavour and Aromatic Dept., N.R.C., Egypt


Buffaloe's milk was manufactured to Domiati cheese with different fat content in the cheese milk (1%, 3.5% and 7%). Results obtained during the ripening period revealed that the low fat cheese (Karish) is not able to long period storage, while half cream cheese had a good quality and flavour along the ripening period. The full cream cheese did not exceed the first month of ripening, then it deteriorated. The main components found were acrolein (propenal), heptanal, acetone, butan-2 one, ethanol, butan-2 ol, 2-methylpropan- 1-ol, 3-methyl butan-1-ol, ethyl propionate, propyl propionate, pentane and octane. Methyl mercaptan, methyl thiopropionate, and dimethyl trisulfide together with propyl butyrate, were existed in the samples which are characterized as bad cheese samples. Most of the previous compounds were developed after 1 month of ripening period.


Buffaloe's milk Domiati cheese; Volatile compounds.

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