Grasas y Aceites, Vol 61, No 2 (2010)

Evaluation of the performance of Frying Oils using an ultrasonic technique

D. Izbaim
Laboratory of Metrology and Information Treatment, Faculty of Sciences University Ibn Zohr, Morocco

B. Faiz
Laboratory of Metrology and Information Treatment, Faculty of Sciences University Ibn Zohr, Morocco

A. Moudden
Superior School of Technology, University Ibn Zohr, Morocco

N. Taifi
Faculty of Sciences, University Chouaib Doukkali, Morocco

I. Aboudaoud
Laboratory of Metrology and Information Treatment, Faculty of Sciences University Ibn Zohr, Morocco


The performance of unhydrogenated soybean oil (USBO) and partially hydrogenated soybean oil (PHSBO) was evaluated by comparing their frying stability. Ultrasonic velocity was used to evaluate the oils. Measurements of free fatty acids (FFA) and total polar compounds (TPC) are typical indexes of oil degradation. Oils were heated at 180 °C for periods of 8 h per day for 4 consecutive days. The results from the ultrasonic analyses show different influences of thermo-oxidation on USBO and PHSBO. The ultrasonic measurements had strong correlations with chemical changes. Consequently, the ultrasonic method is useful to obtain information on the quality of the used frying oils.


Fatty acids; Frying oil; Partially hydrogenated soybean oil; Polar compounds; Ultrasonics; Unhydrogenated soybean oil

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