Grasas y Aceites, Vol 47, No 5 (1996)

Determination of oil and moisture in two-phases olive pomace by using near-infrared spectroscopy

J. A. García Mesa
Estación de Olivicultura, DGIA, Jaén, Spain

M. Hermoso Fernández
Estación de Olivicultura, DGIA, Spain

P. Cáceres Alonso
Bran+Luebbe, Madrid, Spain


The introduction of the two-phases extraction systems of olive oil require a exhaustive control of the oil contained in the produced olive-pomace. The analytical techniques in use are not useful for online analysis. The feasibility of near-infrared technique for the analysis of oil and moisture in two-phases olive-pomace is studied. The laboratory results are satisfactory so the development of a online NIR-based sensor for olive-pomace can be proposed.


Fat content (determination); Moisture (determination); Near-infrared (NIR); Olive pomace; Two phase continuous system

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