Grasas y Aceites, Vol 46, No 1 (1995)

Quantitation of major compounds present in deodorizer distillates from fats and oils

M. V. Ruiz-Méndez
Instituto de la Grasa. C.S.I.C., Spain

G. Márquez-Ruiz
Instituto de la Grasa. C.S.I.C., Spain

M. C. Dobarganes
Instituto de la Grasa. C.S.I.C., Spain


Deodorizer distillates are valuable by-products of edible oil refining and can have a wide range of characteristics. The value and uses clearly depend on their composition. A knowledge of their composition would allow refining processes, to be compared and the influence of deodorization conditions to be determined.
In this paper, TLC/FID is applied to determine deodorizer composition in a rapid, single step analysis, separating hydrocarbons, free fatty acids, triglycerides and sterols. This analysis had similar reproducibility to other chromatographic techniques.


Deodorizer distillate; Free fatty acid; Hydrocarbon; Sterol; TLC/FID; Triglyceride

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