Grasas y Aceites, Vol 46, No 4-5 (1995)

Mechanical properties of vegetable oils and fats

Juan de Dios Alvarado
Facultad de Ciencia e Ingeniería en Alimentos. Universidad Técnica de Ambato, Ecuador


Data of mechanical properties are presented for crude oils from avocado pulp, lupin grain, peanuts, soybean, sesame, cotton, castor-oil, linseed and passion fruit seeds; refined oils from sunflower, corn, peanut, olive and soybean; and cocoa, coconut, palm-oil and kernel palm-oil fats.
Correlation equations which describe the effect of temperature on the refractive index, density, viscosity and surface tension are obtained, and values of coefficient of expansion and activation energy for flow are calculated.


Physical properties; Vegetable fat; Vegetable oil

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