Vol 65, No 2 (2014)


Table of Contents


Synthesis and antioxidant activity of two novel tetraphenolic compounds derived from toluhydroquinone and tertiary butylhydroquinone
Z. W. Jiang, X. C. Weng, Y. Huang, J. P. Hou, X. Y. Liao
Production, characterization and anticancer activity of Candida bombicola sophorolipids by means of solid state fermentation of sunflower oil cake and soybean oil
M. M. Rashad, M. U. Nooman, M. M. Ali, A. S. Al-kashef, A. E. Mahmoud
Physico-chemical characteristics and nutraceutical distribution of crude palm oil and its fractions
P. K. Prasanth Kumar, A. G. Gopala Krishna
Characterization of fatty acids, bioactive lipids, and radical scavenging activity of Canterbury bells seed oil
M. F.R. Hassanien, H. El-Shamy, A. A. Abdel Ghany
Toxicological assessment of crude palm oil (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) used in deep frying of akara (cowpea paste finger food)
I. Felzenszwalb, J. L. da Costa Mazzei, S. Feitosa, C. A. Fortes Aiub, D. T. de Almeida
Enzymatic modification of phosphatidylcholine with n-3 PUFA from silkworm oil fatty acids
Shiva Shanker Kaki, T. Ravinder, B. Ashwini, B. V.S.K. Rao, R. B.N. Prasad
Changes in proximate composition and oil characteristics during flaxseed development
W. Herchi, S. Bahashwan, H. Trabelsi, S. Boukhchina, H. Kallel, S. Rochut, C. Pepe
Virgin olive oil color and perceived quality among consumers in emerging olive-growing countries
A. Gámbaro, L. Raggio, A. C. Ellis, M. Amarillo
Fast screening of turkish olive oil by NMR spectroscopy for geographical determination and discrimination purposes
S. Ok
Increase in the selenium content of extra virgin olive oil: quantitative and qualitative implications
R. D’Amato, P. Proietti, L. Nasini, D. Del Buono, E. Tedeschini, D. Businelli
Vegetable oils rich in alpha linolenic acid allow a higher accretion of n-3 LCPUFA in the plasma, liver and adipose tissue of the rat
R. Valenzuela, C. Barrera, J. M. Ayala, J. Sanhueza, A. Valenzuela
Characterization of apple seed oil with Denomination of Origin from Asturias, Spain
J. C. Bada, M. León-Camacho, P. Copovi, L. Alonso
Olive Anthracnose and its effect on oil quality
J. Moral, C. Xaviér, L. F. Roca, J. Romero, W. Moreda, A. Trapero