Vol 66, No 2 (2015)


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M. Carmen Pérez Camino


Optimization of α-tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate addition for the stabilization of sardine oil
R. Morales-Medina, P. J. García-Moreno, M. M. Muñío, A. Guadix, E. M. Guadix
Influence of alternating air injection on the color and “alambrado” of natural black olives cv. Arauco, as compared with the traditional Argentine method
J. A. Juarez Romero, G. Denoya, G. Polenta
Nutritional enrichment of vegetable oils with long-chain n-3 fatty acids through enzymatic interesterification with a new vegetable lipase
J. S. Sousa, A. G. Torres, D. M.G. Freire
Effect of temperature on the oxidation of soybean biodiesel
G. G. Pereira, A. Morales, S. Marmesat, M. V. Ruiz-Méndez, D. Barrera-Arellano, M. C. Dobarganes
Enzymatic interesterification on the physicochemical properties of Moringa oleifera seed oil blended with palm olein and virgin coconut oil
S. Dollah, S. M. Abdulkarim, S. H. Ahmad, A. Khoramnia, H. M. Ghazali
Optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction of sardine (Sardinella lemuru Bleeker) oil using response surface methodology (RSM)
M. A. Gedi, J. Bakar, A. A. Mariod
Habitat induced mutational effects and fatty acid profile changes in bottom dweller Cirrhinus mrigala inhabitant of river Chenab
B. Hussain, T. Sultana, S. Sultana, Z. Iqbal, S. Nadeem, S. Mahboob
Comparison of analytical techniques for the determination of the positional distribution of fatty acids in triacylglycerols. Relationship with pig fat melting point and hardness
J. Segura, N. Ruiz-López, D. Menoyo, M. I. Cambero, C. J. López-Bote
Correlation between lipid and carotenoid synthesis and photosynthetic capacity in Haematococcus pluvialis grown under high light and nitrogen deprivation stress
C. Liang, Y. Zhai, D. Xu, N. Ye, X. Zhang, Y. Wang, W. Zhang, J. Yu
Determination of pesticide residues in olives by liquid extraction surface analysis followed by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry
M. C. Gómez-Almenar, J. A. García-Mesa
Comparative chemistry and biological properties of the solid residues from hydrodistillation of Spanish populations of Rosmarinus officinalis L.
R. Sánchez-Vioque, M. E. Izquierdo-Melero, M. Polissiou, K. Astraka, Petros A. Tarantilis, D. Herraiz-Peñalver, M. Martín-Bejerano, O. Santana-Méridas
Essential oils from Egyptian aromatic plants as antioxidant and novel anticancer agents in human cancer cell lines
M. M. Ramadan, M. M. Ali, K. Z. Ghanem, A. H. El-Ghorabe
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