Vol 67, No 1 (2016)


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Influence of pre-sowing treatments by gamma rays on growth, yield and some chemical constituents of Sesamum indicum L.
O. S. Hussein, N. Hamideldin
The role of the canonical biplot method in the study of volatile compounds in cheeses of variable composition
M. I. González-Martín, S. Vicente-Tavera, I. Revilla, A. M. Vivar-Quintana, C. González-Pérez, J. M. Hernández Hierro, I. Lobos-Ortega
Effect of soy oil, orange (Citrus sinensis) peel oil and their blends on total phospholipid, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant defense system in brain tissues of normo rats
O. L. Erukainure, J. A. Ajiboye, F. F. Davis, K. Obabire, E. E. Okoro, S. O. Adenekan, M. V. Adegbola, B. J. Awogbemi, B. O. Odjobo, M. Z. Zaruwa
Effect of Spanish style processing on the phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of Algerian green table olives
S. Mettouchi, R. Sacchi, Z. E.D. Ould Moussa, A. Paduano, M. Savarese, A. Tamendjari
Conversion of Oleum papaveris seminis oil into methyl esters via esterification process: Optimization and kinetic study
A. M. Syam, U. Rashid, R. Yunus, H. A. Hamid, S. I. Al-Resayes, I. A. Nehdi, A. H. Al-Muhtaseb
Genotype and year variability of the chemical composition of walnut oil of Moroccan seedlings from the high Atlas Mountains
O. Kodad, G. Estopañán, T. Juan, R. Socias i Company, M. Sindic
Physicochemical and antioxidant characteristics of gingerbread plum (Neocarya macrophylla) kernel oils
M. Diaby, T. Amza, G. Onivogui, X. Q. Zou, Q. Z. Jin
Physicochemical characterization and quality of cold-pressed peanut oil obtained from organically produced peanuts from Macedonian “Virginia” variety
S. Kostadinović Veličkovska, S. Mitrev, Lj. Mihajlov
Effect of the amount of chestnuts in the diet of Celta pigs on the fatty acid profile of dry-cured lacon
M. C. de Jesús, R. Domínguez, J. Cantalapiedra, A. Iglesias, J. M. Lorenzo
Ultrafiltration-based degumming of crude rice bran oil using a polymer membrane
G. A.R. Sehn, L. A.G. Gonçalves, C. C. Ming
Solid carbon dioxide to promote the extraction of extra-virgin olive oil
A. Zinnai, F. Venturi, M. F. Quartacci, C. Sanmartin, F. Favati, G. Andrich
Variation in the proximate composition and fatty acid profile recovered from Argentine hake (Merluccius hubbsi) waste from Patagonia
M. Cretton, E. Rost, T. Mazzuca Sobczuk, M. Mazzuca
Changes in the sterol compositions of milk thistle oil (Silybium marianum L.) during seed maturation
S. Harrabi, S. Curtis, F. Hayet, P. M. Mayer


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F. J. Hidalgo
Equipo Editorial