Vol 67, No 3 (2016)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3989/gya.2016.v67.i3

Table of Contents


Nutritional quality of the seed oil in thirteen Asphodeline species (Xanthorrhoeaceae) from Turkey
G. Zengin, A. Aktumsek, J. Girón-Calle, J. Vioque, C. Megías
Free radical scavenging and α-glucosidase inhibition, two potential mechanisms involved in the anti-diabetic activity of oleanolic acid
J. M. Castellano, A. Guinda, L. Macías, J. M. Santos-Lozano, J. Lapetra, M. Rada
Virgin almond oil: Extraction methods and composition
J. M. Roncero, M. Álvarez-Ortí, A. Pardo-Giménez, R. Gómez, A. Rabadán, J. E. Pardo
Wheat germ oil extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide with ethanol: Fatty acid composition
B. Parczewska-Plesnar, R. Brzozowski, H. Gwardiak, E. Białecka-Florjańczyk, Z. Bujnowski
Impact of olive oil usage on physical properties of chocolate fillings
J. M. Dias, M. Almeida, D. Adikevičius, P. Andzevičius, N. B. Alvarenga
Culture of microalgae biomass for valorization of table olive processing water
C. G. Contreras, A. Serrano, G. Ruiz-Filippi, R. Borja, F. G. Fermoso
Recovery of iron after Fenton-like secondary treatment of olive mill wastewater by nano-filtration and low-pressure reverse osmosis membranes
J. M. Ochando-Pulido, M. D. Víctor-Ortega, A. Martínez-Férez
Fatty acids and astaxanthin composition of two edible native Mexican crayfish Cambarellus (C.) montezumae and Procambarus (M.) bouvieri
G. Coral-Hinostroza, M. Díaz-Martínez, A. Huberman, J. L. Silencio-Barrita
Effect of the distribution of saturated fatty acids in the melting and crystallization profiles of high-oleic high-stearic oils
M. A. Bootello, R. Garcés, E. Martínez-Force, J. J. Salas
A novel hybrid catalyst for the esterification of high FFA in Jatropha oil for biodiesel production
M. Mushtaq, I. M. Tan, M. Sagir, M. Suleman Tahir, M. Pervaiz
Isolation and physico-chemical characterization of Butea parviflora seed oil
S. S. Kaki, T. Jabeen, J. R.C. Reddy, M. Ram Mohan, E. Anjaneyulu, R. B.N. Prasad, B. V.S.K. Rao
Influence of the type of cellulosic derivatives on the texture, and oxidative and thermal stability of soybean oil oleogel
A. Totosaus, R. Gonzaléz-Gonzaléz, M. Fragoso


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