Vol 68, No 3 (2017)


Table of Contents


Butylated caffeic acid: An efficient novel antioxidant
G. Shi, X. Liao, T. M. Olajide, J. Liu, X. Jiang, X. Weng
Monitoring the physicochemical features of sunflower oil and French fries during repeated microwave frying and deep-fat frying
E. Aydınkaptan, I. Barutçu Mazı
Selecting and training a panel to evaluate the rancid defect in soybean oil and fish hamburgers
C. Marques, A. S. dos Reis, L. D. da Silva, S. T. Carpes, M. L. Mitterer-Daltoé
Effects of processing techniques on oxidative stability of Prunus pedunculatus seed oil
J. Yan, M. M. Guo, Y. H. Shen, Y. Y. Wang, X. Luan, C. Li
A comparative study of solvent and supercritical CO2 extraction of Simarouba gluaca seed oil
B. Anjaneyulu, S. Satyannarayana, Sanjit Kanjilal, V. Siddaiah, K. N. Prasanna Rani
Physicochemical characteristics, thermal stability and antioxidant characteristics of Trichosanthes kirilowii maxim seed oil as affected by different extraction methods
Z. K. Hou, Q. Z. Ji, L. Yang, Z. Q. Gao, B. C. Wang
Influence of different irrigation and nitrogen levels on crude oil and fatty acid composition of maize (Zea mays L.)
M. Kaplan, H. Kale, K. Karaman, A. Unlukara
Comparison between different liquid-liquid and solid phase methods of extraction prior to the identification of the phenolic fraction present in olive oil washing wastewater from the two-phase olive oil extraction system
S. Jiménez-Herrera, J. M. Ochando-Pulido, A. Martínez-Ferez
Fatty acids profile and nutritional composition of two tropical diatoms from the Costa Rican Pacific Coast
K. Rodríguez-Núñez, P. Toledo-Agüero
A study of the differences between trade standards inside and outside Europe
D. L. García-González, N. Tena, I. Romero, R. Aparicio-Ruiz, M. T. Morales, R. Aparicio
Chemical characterization and thermal properties of kernel oils from Tunisian peach and nectarine varieties of Prunus persica
D. Chamli, M. A. Bootello, I. Bouali, S. Jouhri, S. Boukhchina, E. Martínez-Force
Hypocholesterolemic impact of newly isolated sophorolipids produced by microbial conversion of safflower oil cake in rats fed high-fat and cholesterol diet
M. U. Nooman, M. H. Mahmoud, A. S. Al-kashef, M. M. Rashad


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