Vol 70, No 1 (2019)


Table of Contents


Cucumis melo L. seeds as a promising source of oil naturally rich in biologically active substances: compositional characteristics, phenolic compounds and thermal properties
S. Mallek-Ayadi, N. Bahloul, N. Kechaou
Sex and seasonal variation in proximate composition and fatty acid profile of Scomber scombrus (L. 1758) fillets from the Middle East Coast of Tunisia
S. El Oudiani, I. Chetoui, C. Darej, N. Moujahed
Oxidative stability of UV irradiated and X-rayed soybean oil incorporated with rose oil
M. T. Golmakani, S. Barani, N. Alavi, Z. Tahsiri
The effect of temperature on rice oil bleaching to reduce oxidation and loss in bioactive compounds
M. M. Strieder, J. I. Engelmann, R. S. Pohndorf, P. A. Rodrigues, R. S. Juliano, G. L. Dotto, L. A.A. Pinto
Variations in fatty acid composition and oxidative stability of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) varieties stored by traditional method
H. Karaosmanoğlu, N. Ş. Üstün
Geographic variation in fatty acid composition and food source of the commercial clam (Venerupis decussata, Linnaeus, 1758), from the Tunisian Coast: Trophic links
S. Bejaoui, D. Boussoufa, K. Telahigue, I. Chetoui, F. Ghribi, I. Rabeh, M. El Cafsi
Mid-infrared spectroscopic detection of sunflower oil adulteration with safflower oil
O. Uncu, B. Ozen, F. Tokatli
First seasonal investigation of the fatty acid composition in three organs of the Tunisian bivalve Mactra stultorum
I. Chetoui, I. Rabeh, S. Bejaoui, K. Telahigue, F. Ghribi, M. El Cafsi
Pharmaceutical applications and consequent environmental impacts of Spirulina (Arthrospira): An overview
W. Shao, R. Ebaid, M. El-Sheekh, A. Abomohra, H. Eladel
Flavored olive oils: focus on their acceptability and thermal stability
M. Issaouia, A. Bendini, S. Souid, G. Flamini, S. Barbieri, T. Gallina Toschi, M. Hammami
Effects of heating temperature on the tocopherol contents of chemically and physically refined rice bran oil
M. H. Bruscatto, V. R. Pestana-Bauer, D. M. Otero, R. C. Zambiazi
Stability and volatile oxidation compounds of grape seed, flax seed and black cumin seed cold-pressed oils as affected by thermal oxidation
M. Kiralan, G. Çalik, S. Kiralan, A. Özaydin, G. Özkan, M. F. Ramadan
Effect of drying on the chemical composition of Çakıldak (cv) hazelnuts during storage
A. Turan