Vol 71, No 3 (2020)

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INFORMATIVE NOTE: An opinion on the regulation of bone marrow adipose tissue by dietary fatty acids
S. Lopez, A. Lemus-Conejo, M. A. Rosillo, F. J.G. Muriana, R. Abia


Effect of leaf and fruit extracts of Schinus molle on oxidative stability of some vegetables oils under accelerated oxidation
A. F.N. Volpini-Klein, C. A.A. Silva, S. S.L. Fernandes, C. L. Nicolau, C. A.L. Cardoso, A. R. Fiorucci, E. Simionatto
Biochemical composition and antioxidant potential of the edible Mediterranean sea cucumber Holothuria tubulosa
N. Zmemlia, S. Bejaoui, I. Khemiri, N. Bouriga, I. Louiz, S. El-Bok, M. Ben-Attia, A. Souli
Pressure, temperature and processing time in enhancing Camelina sativa oil extraction by Instant Controlled Pressure-Drop (DIC) texturing pre-treatment
K. Bouallegue, T. Allaf, R. Ben Younes, C. Téllez-Pérez, C. Besombes, K. Allaf
Authentication of olive oil based on DNA analysis
A. Batrinou, I. F. Strati, D. Houhoula, J. Tsaknis, V. J. Sinanoglou
Chemical composition, oxidative stability, and sensory properties of Boerhavia elegana Choisy (alhydwan) seed oil/peanut oil blends
A. Al-Farga, M. Baeshen, F. M. Aqlan, A. Siddeeg, M. Afifi, H. A. Ali, A. Alayafi, S. Al-Dalali, A. Alkaladi
Nutritional quality and phytochemical contents of cold pressed oil obtained from chia, milk thistle, nigella, and white and black poppy seeds
E. Rokosik, K. Dwiecki, A. Siger
Effect of soil temperature during seed filling period on oleic/linoleic ratio, tocopherols and sugar contents in peanut kernels
R. J. Haro, J. L. Dardanelli, M. J. Martínez