Vol 59, No 2 (2008)


Table of Contents


Detection of contaminations and/or adulterations of the extra virgin olive oil with seeds oils (sunflower and soybean) and olive pomace oil
A. Contiñas, S. Martínez, J. Carballo, I. Franco
Fractionation and interesterification of palm (Elaeis guineensis) oil from Peruvian Amazon
Dora García de Sotero, Jorge Sandoval del Águila, Robinson Saldaña Ramírez, Gladys Cárdenas de Reátegui, José Antonio Soplín Ríos, Víctor Sotero Solís, Rosángela Pavan Torres, Jorge Mancini Filho
Surface active properties and biological activity of novel nonionic surfactants containing pyrimidines and related nitrogen heterocyclic ring systems
R. El-Sayed
Influence of a diet with chestnuts and sugar beet pulp on the lipid composition of “lacón gallego” (drycured pork foreleg)
Ángel Cobos, Adán Veiga, Olga Díaz
Antioxidant action of Rosemary extract in soybean oil submitted to thermoxidation
Valéria C. Ramalho, Neuza Jorge
Quality evaluation of Pecan nuts [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch] during storage in different packaging
Tatiana Oro, Paulo José Ogliari, Renata Dias de Mello Castanho Amboni, Daniel Barrera-Arellano, Jana Mara Block
Astaxanthin from Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) as a Pigmentary Ingredient in the Feed of Laying Hens
A. Pérez-Gálvez, J. J. Negro-Balmaseda, M. I. Mínguez-Mosquera, M. V. Cascajo-Almenara, J. Garrido-Fernández
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Cis 9, trans 11 and trans 10, cis 12 isomer detection in crude and refined corn oils by capillary GC
Özlem Tokuşoğlu
Free fatty acid profile and sensory characteristics of Regianito cheese produced with different starters
M. C. Perotti, S. Bernal, V. Wolf, C. A. Zalazar
Sterculia striata seed kernel oil: Characterization and thermal stability
Zeomar Nitão Diniz, Pushkar Singh Bora, Vicente Queiroga Neto, José Marcelino Oliveira Cavalheiro
Comparison between the effect of γ-irradiation and roasting on the profile and antioxidant activity of wheat germ lipids.
Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan, Hany El-Said Showky, Abd El-Rahman Mohamed Sulieman
Chemical composition and sensory analysis of roasted peanuts coated with prickly pear and algarrobo pod syrups
V. Nepote, M. G. Mestrallet, R. H. Olmedo, L. C. Ryan, S. Conci, N. R. Grosso


The Colegio Oficial de Químicos pay homage to Prof. Gutiérrez-Quijano
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