Vol 56, No 2 (2005)


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[es] Cream-like emulsions prepared with soybean milk: Effect of controlled stirring on rheological behaviour 89-95
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Andrés L. Márquez, Gonzalo G. Palazolo, Jorge R. Wagner
[en] Rheology of the lamellar liquid-crystalline phase in polyethoxylated alcohol/water/heptane systems. 96-105
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F. Cordobés, J. M. Franco, C. Gallegos
[en] Evaluation of greek-style black table olives in salt varying brines 106-115
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A. Kanavouras, M. Gazouli, L. Tzouvelekis Leonidas, C. Petrakis
[en] Effect of cell immobilization on the treatment of olive mill wastewater by a total phenols, acetic acid and formic acid degrading bacterium strain 116-120
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Abdelghani El Asli, Faouzi Errachidi, Rhizlane Bennisse, Abdel-illah Qatibi, Mohamed Errami
[en] A process for the treatment of olive mill waste waters by immobilized cells. 121-124
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A. Amhajji, M. Faid, M. ElYachioui
[en] Methodical characterization of rice ( Oryza sativa ) bran oil from Pakistan 125-134
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Farooq Anwar, Tabreez Anwer, Zahid Mahmood
[en] Production of Lupinus angustifolius protein hydrolysates with improved functional properties 135-140
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Hassane Lqari, Justo Pedroche, Julio Girón-Calle, Javier Vioque, Francisco Millán
[en] Physical and chemical composition of some walnut ( Juglans regia L) genotypes grown in Turkey 141-146
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Gulcan Ozkan, M. Ali Koyuncu
[es] Measurement of the total hydroperoxides in ozonated sunflower oil using the ferrous oxidation in xylenol orange assay 147-152
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Goitybell Martínez Téllez, Rebeca Hernández Tápanez, Maritza Díaz Gómez
[es] The tuna oil as ω-3 fatty acids source for egg of laying hens 153-159
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C. Castillo-Badillo, J. L. Vázquez-Valladolid, M. González-Alcorta, E. Morales-Barrera, R. M. Castillo-Domínguez, S. Carrillo-Domínguez


[es] Journals' Bibliography. Books 160-170
F. J. Hidalgo, R. Zamora, A. de Castro, J. A. Cayuela Sánchez, C. Gómez Herrera, A. Garrido Fernández, C. Sanz


[es] Past and Forthcoming Congress and Meetings. Other News 171-175
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