Issue Title
Vol 61, No 3 (2010) Antioxidant activity of 100% and 80% methanol extracts from barley seeds (Hordeum vulgare L.): stabilization of sunflower oil Abstract  PDF
Farooq Anwar, Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Qayyum, Abdullah Ijaz Hussain, Shahid Iqbal
Vol 58, No 4 (2007) Assessment of oxidative deterioration of soybean oil at ambient and sunlight storage Abstract  PDF
Farooq Anwar, Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha, Abdullah Ijaz Hussain
Vol 54, No 1 (2003) Colorimetric test application to the efficiency and shelf-life assessments of olive oil, sunflower oil and their blend used for frying frozen and fresh foods Abstract  PDF
Sara Bastida, Francisco J. Sánchez-Muniz, Gemma Trigueros
Vol 59, No 4 (2008) Lipid damage development in anchovy (Engraulis encrasicholus) muscle during storage under refrigerated conditions Abstract  PDF
Nour-Eddine Chaouqy, José M. Gallardo, Abdelhaq El Marrakchi, Santiago P. Aubourg
Vol 43, No 3 (1992) Determination of the induction period of soybean oil - Correlation between the Rancimat and various analytical tests Abstract  PDF
A. M. O. Rauen-Miguel, W. Esteves, D. Barrera-Arellano
Vol 57, No 3 (2006) Formation of polymerization compounds during thermal oxidation of cottonseed oil, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and their blends Abstract  PDF
C. J. Steel, M. C. Dobarganes, D. Laboratório de Óleos e Gorduras Barrera-Arellano
Vol 66, No 2 (2015) Effect of temperature on the oxidation of soybean biodiesel Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
G. G. Pereira, A. Morales, S. Marmesat, M. V. Ruiz-Méndez, D. Barrera-Arellano, M. C. Dobarganes
Vol 60, No 2 (2009) Relationship between changes in peroxide value and conjugated dienes during oxidation of sunflower oils with different degree of unsaturation Abstract  PDF
S. Marmesat, A. Morales, J. Velasco, M. V. Ruiz-Méndez, M. C. Dobarganes
Vol 59, No 2 (2008) Influence of a diet with chestnuts and sugar beet pulp on the lipid composition of “lacón gallego” (drycured pork foreleg) Abstract  PDF
Ángel Cobos, Adán Veiga, Olga Díaz
Vol 63, No 4 (2012) Characterization of seed oils from different varieties of watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.)] from Pakistan Abstract  PDF
S. Raziq, F. Anwar, Z. Mahmood, S. A. Shahid, R. Nadeem
Vol 60, No 5 (2009) Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of Pecan [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch] kernel cake extracts obtained by sequential extraction Abstract  PDF
Ana Cristina Pinheiro do Prado, Analu Monalise Aragão, Roseane Fett, Jane Mara Block
Vol 58, No 4 (2007) Effect of flavonoid extracts from grapefruit seeds and peel flour on soybean oil stability Abstract  PDF
Mario José Moreno Álvarez, Carmen Ysabel Guarán, Douglas Rafael Belén Camacho, David García-Pantaleón, Carlos Alberto Medina Martínez
Vol 61, No 4 (2010) Effect of vegetable oil oxidation on the hydrogenation reaction process Abstract  PDF
Faranak Kalantari, Manochehr Bahmaei, Majid Ameri, Ehsan Shoaei
Vol 57, No 3 (2006) Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of rice bran extracts using different antioxidant assays Abstract  PDF
Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha, Farooq Anwar, Maleeha Manzoor, Jawad -ur- Rehman Bajwa
Vol 58, No 4 (2007) Oxidative stability and iron and nickel migration into soybean oil heated in cookware of different materials Abstract  PDF
Késia Diego Quintaes, Jaime Amaya-Farfan, Marcelo Antônio Morgano, Niurka Maritza Almeyda Haj-Isa
Vol 62, No 2 (2011) Antioxidant and antimicrobial effect of some natural plant extracts added to lamb patties during storage Abstract  PDF
Hayam M. Ibrahim, Azza A. Abou-Arab, Ferial M. Abu Salem
Vol 70, No 1 (2019) Effect of drying on the chemical composition of Çakıldak (cv) hazelnuts during storage Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Turan
Vol 60, No 3 (2009) Dry cured ham quality as related to lipid quality of raw material and lipid changes during processing: a review. Abstract  PDF
Gandemer Gilles
Vol 70, No 1 (2019) Stability and volatile oxidation compounds of grape seed, flax seed and black cumin seed cold-pressed oils as affected by thermal oxidation Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. Kiralan, G. Çalik, S. Kiralan, A. Özaydin, G. Özkan, M. F. Ramadan
Vol 70, No 1 (2019) Oxidative stability of UV irradiated and X-rayed soybean oil incorporated with rose oil Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. T. Golmakani, S. Barani, N. Alavi, Z. Tahsiri
Vol 69, No 4 (2018) Tendency of lipid radical formation and volatiles in lose or vacuum-packed Brazil nuts stored at room temperature or under refrigeration Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. G. de O. Sartori, G. R. Sampaio, D. H.M. Bastos, M. H.F. Spoto, L. H. Skibsted, M. A.B. Regitano d’Arce
Vol 59, No 3 (2008) Antioxidant potential of extracts from different agro wastes: Stabilization of corn oil Abstract  PDF
Bushra Sultana, Farooq Anwar, Muhammad Rafique Asi, Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha
Vol 69, No 4 (2018) Quality preservation of walnut kernels using edible coatings Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. L. Grosso, C. M. Asensio, V. Nepote, N. R. Grosso
Vol 69, No 4 (2018) Effect of ohmic cooking followed by an infrared cooking method on lipid oxidation and formation of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) of beef muscle Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Uzun Özcan, M. Maskan, M. Bedir, H. Bozkurt
Vol 63, No 4 (2012) Physicochemical studies on sunflower oil blended with cold pressed tiger nut oil during deep frying process Abstract  PDF
F. M. Ali Rehab, A. M. El Anany
Vol 51, No 3 (2000) Thermal stability of 7-trimethylsilylperoxy-cholest-5-ene 3b-acetates at high temperature Abstract  PDF
R. Botolomeazzi, L. Pizzale, G. Lercker
Vol 69, No 2 (2018) Bioactive lipids, antiradical activity and stability of rosehip seed oil under thermal and photo-induced oxidation Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Turan, R. Solak, M. Kiralan, M. F. Ramadan
Vol 43, No 3 (1992) Lipidic components oxidation and hexanal formation during the curing of saucisson Abstract  PDF
J. Chasco, M. J. Beriain, J. Bello
Vol 68, No 4 (2017) Oxidation kinetics of hazelnut oil treated with ozone Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
H. Uzun, E. Ibanoglu
Vol 61, No 1 (2010) Dry fermented buffalo sausage with sage oil extract: Safety and quality Abstract  PDF
Ferial M. Abu Salem, Hayam M. Ibrahim
Vol 63, No 2 (2012) Physico-chemical characteristics of seed oils extracted from different apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) varieties from Pakistan Abstract  PDF
M. Manzoor, F. Anwar, M. Ashraf, K. M. Alkharfy
Vol 70, No 4 (2019) Characterization of different ozonized sunflower oils I. Chemical changes during ozonization Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
O. E. Ledea-Lozano, L. A. Fernández-García, D. Gil-Ibarra, N. Tena, R. Garcés, E. Martínez-Force, J. J. Salas
Vol 68, No 1 (2017) Effect of refrigeration time on the lipid oxidation and fatty acid profiles of catfish (Arius maculatus) commercialized in Cameroon Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
N. Tenyang, H. M. Womeni, B. Tiencheu, P. Villeneuve, M. Linder
Vol 63, No 1 (2012) Effect of previous ascorbic acid treatment on the fatty acid profile of cobia (Rachycentron canadum) fillets during frozen storage Abstract  PDF
S. Taheri, A. A. Motallebi, A. Fazlara, Y. Aftabsavar, S. P. Aubourg
Vol 70, No 4 (2019) Effects of microwave and conventional heating on the oxidative stability of corn oil enriched with different antioxidants Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Baştürk
Vol 67, No 4 (2016) Effect of Thymus vulgaris and Bunium persicum essential oils on the oxidative stability of virgin olive oil Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. Keramat, M. T. Golmakani
Vol 60, No 4 (2009) Oxidation of ethoxylated fatty alcohols to alkylpolyglycol carboxylic acids using noble metals as catalysts Abstract  PDF
Spiros Zlatanos, Kostas Laskaridis, Angelos Sagredos
Vol 62, No 4 (2011) Effect of different icing conditions on lipid damage development in chilled horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) muscle Abstract  PDF
M. Sanjuás-Rey, J. Barros-Velázquez, S. P. Aubourg
Vol 70, No 4 (2019) Change in fatty acid composition and evaluation of lipids and protein oxidation in the commercial cooked clams (Ruditapes decussatus) Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Bejaoui, I. Rabeh, F. Ghribi, F. Aouini, I. Chetoui, K. Telahigue, N. Soudani, M. El Cafsi
Vol 60, No 4 (2009) Antioxidant Properties of Pecan Nut [Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) C. Koch] Shell Infusion Abstract  PDF
Ana Cristina Pinheiro do Prado, Analu Monalise Aragão, Roseane Fett, Jane Mara Block
Vol 66, No 2 (2015) Optimization of α-tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate addition for the stabilization of sardine oil Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
R. Morales-Medina, P. J. García-Moreno, M. M. Muñío, A. Guadix, E. M. Guadix
Vol 65, No 4 (2014) Characterization and quantification of the cholesterol oxidation product fraction of the intramuscular fat from pork loin (fresh and marinated) with different irradiation and packaging during storage Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
I. García-Márquez, M. Narváez-Rivas, E. Gallardo, J. A. Ordoñez, M. León-Camacho
Vol 42, No 2 (1991) Biochemical changes of lipids in plant foods and feeds. I. Lipid hydroperoxides formation Abstract  PDF
R. Zamora, F. J. Hidalgo, M. Alaiz
Vol 64, No 5 (2013) Evolution of oxidation in soybean oil and its biodiesel under the conditions of the oxidation stability test Abstract  PDF
G. G. Pereira, S. Marmesat, D. Barrera-Arellano, M. C. Dobarganes
Vol 49, No 5-6 (1998) Fluorescence detection in aldehyde containing model systems: Relationship with fish deterioration. Abstract  PDF
Santiago P. Augbourg
Vol 64, No 5 (2013) Effect of a previous high hydrostatic pressure treatment on lipid damage in chilled Chilean jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) Abstract  PDF
D. Maluenda, T. Roco, G. Tabilo-Munizaga, M. Pérez-Won, S. P. Aubourg
Vol 42, No 3 (1991) Biochemical changes of lipids in plant foods and feeds. II. Lipid hydroperoxides metabolism Abstract  PDF
R. Zamora, F. J. Hidalgo, M. Alaiz
Vol 52, No 6 (2001) Oxidative evaluation of oils mixture of legumes of the Sonoran Desert with maize and soy oils during the storage Abstract  PDF
M. Ortega-Nieblas, M. R. Robles-Burgueño, L. Vázquez-Moreno
Vol 55, No 1 (2004) Olive oil intake in relation to cardiovascular diseases Abstract  PDF
Antonis Zampelas, Anthony G. Kafatos
Vol 43, No 2 (1992) Modifications produced in food proteins following interactions with oxidizing lipids. III. Nutritional and toxicological consequences Abstract  PDF
F. J. Hidalgo, R. Zamora, J. Girón
Vol 53, No 3 (2002) Stability study of edible sunflower oil colored with chlorophyll pigments and with addition of oregano oleoresin (Origanum vulgare L.) during the storage in darkness Abstract  PDF
Erick Scheuermann, Mara Cea, Siegrid Schoch, Mabel Ojeda, Mónica Ihl
Vol 67, No 3 (2016) Influence of the type of cellulosic derivatives on the texture, and oxidative and thermal stability of soybean oil oleogel Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Totosaus, R. Gonzaléz-Gonzaléz, M. Fragoso
Vol 42, No 1 (1991) Cholesterol oxidation products: biological effects; formation, content and determination in food Abstract  PDF
F. Guardiola, M. Rafecas, R. Codony, J. Boatella
Vol 51, No 5 (2000) Aerobic biological treatment of olive mill wastewater previously treated by an ozonation stage Abstract  PDF
Jesús Beltrán de Heredia Alonso, Joaquín Torregrosa Antón, Juan García Rodríguez, María del Pilar Ramos Viseas, Joaquín R. Domínguez Vargas
Vol 47, No 5 (1996) Fluorescent compounds formation during sardine (Sardina pilhiardus) chilling: Comparison with lipid damage indexes Abstract  PDF
S. P. Aubourg, R. Pérez-Martín
Vol 54, No 3 (2003) Natural antioxidants in functional foods: from food safety to health benefits Abstract  PDF
Alfonso Valenzuela B, Julio Sanhueza, Susana Nieto
Vol 42, No 1 (1991) Anisidine value as a measurement of the latent damage of fats Abstract  PDF
M. A. Grompone
Vol 51, No 5 (2000) Ozone treatment of olive mill wastewater Abstract  PDF
Jesús Beltrán de Heredia Alonso, Joaquín Torregrosa Antón, Juan García Rodríguez, Joaquín R. Domínguez Vargas
Vol 47, No 1-2 (1996) Evolution of oxidation during storage of crisps and french fries prepared with sunflower oil and high oleic sunflower oil Abstract  PDF
M. Martín-Polvillo, G. Márquez-Ruiz, N. Jorge, M. V. Ruiz-Mendez, M. C. Dobarganes
Vol 54, No 4 (2003) Application of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) at the characterization of the virgin olive oil Abstract  PDF
A. Jiménez Márquez, G. Beltrán Maza
Vol 52, No 1 (2001) β-carotene in sunflower oil oxidation Abstract  PDF
N. V. Yanishlieva, V. G. Raneva, E. M. Marinova
Vol 47, No 1-2 (1996) Quantitation of oxidized triglyceride monomers and dimers as an useful measurement for early and advanced stages of oxidation Abstract  PDF
G. Márquez-Ruiz, M. Martín-Polvillo, M. C. Dobarganes
Vol 55, No 4 (2004) Antioxidant activity of alcohol extracts of chamomile flowers, anise seeds and dill seeds in two vegetable oils and two animal fats Abstract  PDF
Ahmed Qasem, Khalid Al-Ismail
Vol 42, No 2 (1991) Ripe olives. Comparative study of three procedures for the previous conservation of gordal (O. europaea regalis) Abstract  PDF
M. C. Durán Quintana, M. Brenes Balbuena, P. García García, M. J. Fernández González, A. Garrido Fernández
Vol 52, No 1 (2001) Oxidation indexes in oils from some leguminous seeds from sonoran desert Abstract  PDF
M. Ortega-Nieblas, M. R. Robles-Burgueño, L. Vázquez-Moreno
Vol 55, No 3 (2004) Cholesterol oxidized products in foods: potential health hazards and the role of antioxidants in prevention Abstract  PDF
Alfonso Valenzuela, Julio Sanhueza, Susana Nieto
Vol 49, No 3-4 (1998) Substrate influence on the frying process. Abstract  PDF
J. Pokorny
Vol 53, No 3 (2002) Effect of two methods of grilling on the oxidative rancidity and cholesterol oxidation in beef and chicken shawerma Abstract  PDF
Khalid Al-Ismail
Vol 50, No 1 (1999) Spectrophotometric analysis of the lipid fraction of microwave heated and soaked soybeans. Abstract  PDF
C. M. Evangelista, M.A. B. Regitano-D'Arce
Vol 56, No 1 (2005) The influence of natural tocopherols during thermal oxidation of refined and partially hydrogenated soybean oils Abstract  PDF
C. J. Steel, M. C. Dobarganes, D. Barrera-Arellano
Vol 51, No 6 (2000) Oxidation of free and encapsulated oil fractions in dried microencapsulated fish oils Abstract  PDF
J. Velasco, M. C. Dobarganes, G. Márquez-Ruiz
Vol 56, No 3 (2005) Determination of lipoxygenase activity in hake liver Abstract  PDF
Lucía Margenat, Iván Jachmanián, María A. Grompone
Vol 53, No 2 (2002) Lipid oxidation in heterophasic lipid systems: oil – in – water emulsions Abstract  PDF
J. Velasco, M. C. Dobarganes, G. Márquez-Ruiz
Vol 56, No 4 (2005) Inhibition of lard oxidation by fractions of different essential oils Abstract  PDF
Tea Kulisic, Ani Radonic, Mladen Milos
Vol 54, No 1 (2003) Effect of different reversed micelles on autooxidation and photooxidation of stripped corn oil Abstract  PDF
Y. A. El-Shattory, M. A. Saadia, S. F. Hamed, K. Schwarz
Vol 51, No 5 (2000) Effect of relative humidity on lipid oxidation in freezedried emulsions Abstract  PDF
L. Ponginebbi, W. W. Nawar, P. Chinachoti
Vol 46, No 3 (1995) Oxysterol formation in foods Abstract  PDF
F. Guardiola, R Codony, M. Rafecas, J. Boatella
Vol 54, No 3 (2003) Variables affecting lipid oxidation in dried microencapsulated oils Abstract  PDF
Joaquín Velasco, Carmen Dobarganes, Gloria Márquez-Ruiz
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