Changes in the publication and the scope of Grasas y Aceites

Firstly, the Editorial Board communicates that by request of some contributors, the accepted articles will be published in the web page in advance just when they were formatted, and not all together like a journal issue. This procedure will start with the second issue of 2019 and ensures faster publication of articles and an extension of the period in which they can be cited.

With regard to the scope of publication, the journal Grasas y Aceites has had the aim of reporting the latest advances in the field of the fats, oils and lipids for producers, technicians and researchers since its foundation in 1950. This journal has been framed in an environment where vegetable oil production was a preponderant industrial activity, so its scope has been traditionally focused to the science and production of those oils, as well as their impact on human diet and health.

However, the study of oils, fats and lipids in the last decades has really transcended those topics typical for a food resource. The uncertainty of the markets of the fossil fuel has aroused interest on alternative and renewable sources of reduced carbon. Moreover, in the field of food and nutrition, the search of natural additives with new properties or representing nutritional improvements are also receiving increasing attention of the industry and academia.

With this notice, the Editorial Board Grasas y Aceites wants to communicate that the scope of the journal has been opened to non-food applications of fats and oils, especially those related with biofuels, biolubricants and any other application of renewable oils or fats devised to replace fossil carbon stocks though oleochemistry. The submission of manuscripts regarding new active natural compounds related with oils, such as antioxidants or substances physiologically active related with lipid and lipid metabolism are also encouraged.

Finally, we acknowledged all contributors of this journal for their efforts in their research and for making it better. This editorial will be always opened to any suggestion made from them to improve our publication.