Enzymatic preparation and characterization of soybean lecithin-based emulsifiers


  • R. C. Reddy Jala Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co. - Centre for Lipid Research, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
  • B. Chen Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.
  • H. Li Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.
  • Y. Zhang Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.
  • L-Z Cheong Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.
  • T. Yang Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.
  • X. Xu Wilmar (Shanghai) Biotechnology R&D Centre Co.




Concentrated lecithin, Glycerolyzed lecithin, Hydrolyzed lecithin, Lysolecithin, Powdered lecithin


Simple enzymatic methods were developed for the synthesis of lysolecithin, glycerolyzed lecithin and hydrolyzed lecithin. The products were characterized in terms of their acetone insoluble matter, hexane insoluble matter, moisture, phospholipid distribution and fatty acid composition. The HLB value ranges of different products with different acid values were detected. The efficiency of optimally hydrolyzed lecithin was examined at high calcium ion, low pH, and aqueous solutions and compared with commercially available standard lecithin-based emulsifiers. Overall, lysolecithin powder was proven to be the best emulsifier even at strong and medium acidic conditions.


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