Vol 64, No 5 (2013)


Table of Contents


Enzyme-aided cold pressing of flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.): Enhancement in yield, quality and phenolics of the oil
F. Anwar, Z. Zreen, B. Sultana, A. Jamil
Effect of a previous high hydrostatic pressure treatment on lipid damage in chilled Chilean jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi)
D. Maluenda, T. Roco, G. Tabilo-Munizaga, M. Pérez-Won, S. P. Aubourg
Evolution of oxidation in soybean oil and its biodiesel under the conditions of the oxidation stability test
G. G. Pereira, S. Marmesat, D. Barrera-Arellano, M. C. Dobarganes
Optimization of the protein concentration process from residual peanut oil-cake
M. F. Gayol, M. C. Pramparo, V. Nepote, H. Fernandez, N. R. Grosso
Chemical, thermal and viscous characterization of high-oleic sunflower and olive pomace acid oils and derived estolides
L. A. García-Zapateiro, J. M. Franco, C. Valencia, M. A. Delgado, C. Gallegos, M. V. Ruiz-Méndez
Lipid profile, antiradical power and antimicrobial properties of Syzygium aromaticum oil
M. F. Ramadan, M. M.S. Asker, M. Tadros
Development of a zero trans margarine from soybean-based interesterified fats formulated using artificial neural networks
R. K.A. Garcia, K. Moreira Gandra, D. Barrera-Arellano
Minor components in oils obtained from Amazonian palm fruits
M. F.G. Santos, R. E. Alves, M. V. Ruíz-Méndez
Natural antioxidants of the Jaffna variety of Moringa Oleifera seed oil of Indian origin as compared to other vegetable oils
A. S. Bhatnagar, A. G. Gopala Krishna
Effect of fractional crystallization on composition and thermal properties of engkabang (Shorea macrophylla) seed fat and cocoa butter
N. A.M. Yanty, J. M.N. Marikkar, M. Shuhaimi
Characterization of Acorn Fruit Oils Extracted from Selected Mediterranean Quercus Species
W. M. Al-Rousan, R. Y. Ajo, K. M. Al-Ismail, A. Attlee, R. R. Shaker, T. M. Osaili
Structural characterization and Biological Activity of Sulfolipids from selected Marine Algae
F. K. El Baz, G. S. El Baroty, H. H. Abd El Baky, O. I. Abd El-Salam, E. A. Ibrahim
Responses of fruit physiology and virgin oil quality to cold storage of mechanically harvested ‘Arbequina’ olives cultivated in hedgerow
K. Yousfi, C. M. Weiland, J. M. García


Review of new books
F. J. Hidalgo