Evaluation of the oxidative stability of Chipotle chili (Capsicum annuum L.) oleoresins in avocado oil





Capsicum annum L., Carotenoids, Lipid stability, Oleoresin


Capsicum annuum L. (Chipotle chili) is a natural source of bioactive metabolites with antioxidant properties. The objective of this research was to obtain and characterize the oxidative stability under storage of Chipotle chili oleoresins extracted with cold-pressed avocado oil. The most efficient conditions obtained to extract carotenoids and phenolic compounds were at 1:3 ratio (chipotle chili: avocado oil; w:v) at room temperature in darkness during 48 h. At the end of the harshest conditions (45 °C, 30 days), the extracts were stable to lipid oxidation with a final Totox value of 27.34, a carotenoid preservation of 85.6%, antioxidant activity retention of 80.66% and a color change (ΔE) of 1.783. The kinetic constants obtained were higher for peroxide formation than for carotenoid degradation. The oleoresins obtained could be considered an economic and sustainable alternative to extract carotenoids with good oxidation stability that could be used in foodstuffs.


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