Monitoring of the enzymatic activity of intracellular lipases of Ustilago maydis expressed during the growth under nitrogen limitation and its correlation in lipolytic reactions




Cytosolic lipases, Fatty acids, Lipid droplets, Lipid droplet index, Nitrogen starvation, Triacylglycerol


Under nitrogen starvation, Ustilago maydis forms lipid droplets (LDs). Although the dynamics of these organelles are known in the literature, the identity of the lipases implicated in their degradation is unknown. We determined lipase activity and identified the intracellular lipases expressed during growth under nitrogen starvation and YPD media by zymograms. The results showed that cytosolic extracts exhibited higher lipase activity when cells were grown in YPD. Under nitrogen starvation, lipase activity was not detected after 24 h of culture, resulting in lipid accumulation in LDs. This suggests that these lipases could be implicated in LD degradation. In the zymogram, two bands, one of 25 and the other of 37 kDa, presented lipase activity. The YPD extracts showed lipase activity in olive and almond oils, which contain triacylglycerols with mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. This is the first report about U. maydis cytosolic lipases involved in LD degradation.


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