Thermal and chemical characterization of fractions from Syagrus romanzoffiana kernel oil




Crystallization, Fractionation, Melting, Olein, Stearin


The Jerivá (Syagrus romanzoffiana) kernel oil (JKO) has a pleasant coconut-like smell, with about 33% lauric acid and 28% oleic acid. The oil also contains bioactive compounds, such as phenolics, carotenoids, and tocopherols. JKO has a solid consistency at low temperatures, but has a low melting point and low solid content at room temperature. Thus, this work aimed to evaluate the thermal properties related to crystallization and fusion, as well as the chemical and oxidative characteristics of JKO fractions, olein and stearin, obtained from dry and solvent fractionation. In general, stearins had higher crystallization and melting temperatures, and higher solid fat content, unlike oleins, which may be associated with the concentration of high melting triglycerides in the stearins. No statistically significant difference was found for fatty acid profile or oxidative stability of the fractions. The type of fractionation influenced the chemical and thermal properties of JKO fractions. The solvent process promoted the most relevant differentiation of fractions. An olein was obtained with 7% less solid fat at 25 °C which remained visually liquid at 2 °C below the oil, as well as a stearin with 17% more solid fat at 25 °C which remained visually solid at 3 °C above the oil.


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