Kinetic modeling of oxidation parameters and activities of lipase-lipoxygenase in wheat germ oil




Activation energy, Kinetic parameters, Lipase enzyme, Oxidative stability


This study aimed to investigate the oxidation profile of wheat germ oil extracted from raw germ during the stabilization with microwave (MW) treatment, and the kinetics of the oxidation parameters (free fatty acids (FFA), peroxide value (PV), thiobarbituric acid (TBA), α-tocopherol, lipase (LA) and lipoxygenase (LOX) enzymes activities) under different storage conditions. For stabilizing raw germ, the MW was treated at 700 W for three minutes. The oxidation parameters for the kinetic modeling were analyzed at different storage times (0, 15, 30, 45, 60,75, 90, and 105. days) and storage temperatures (-18, 0, 4, and 25 °C). The parameters were mathematically modelled and the PV and LA fitted well to the zero-order kinetic model, while FFA with α-tocopherol and TBA followed the first and second-order kinetics, respectively. The kinetic constant (k) was described by an Arrhenius equation and the activation energy ranged from 5.72 to 18.5 kJ/mol for the stabilized germ.


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