The effects of electrical and ultrasonic pretreatments on the moisture, oil content, color, texture, sensory properties and energy consumption of microwave-fried zucchini slices




Frying, Microwave, Moderate electrical field, Texture, Zucchini


In this study, the effects of a moderate electrical field application and two different blanching methods (conventional and ultrasound) on the frying (deep-frying in oil at 180 °C for 6 minutes and compared to the microwave (400W)) of zucchini slices were investigated. Microwave-fried samples presented a lower moisture content than deep fried ones. The moderate electrical field significantly reduced the oil content before the microwave frying. Greenness (–a*), which is important for the zucchini samples, was found at its best (-3.25) in the combination group of moderate electrical field pre-treated, ultrasound blanched, and microwave fried. Gumminess, cohesiveness, and fracturability of the zucchini slices decreased while chewiness, springiness, and resilience increased after microwave frying. The scores of the sensory test were higher for the ultrasonic blanching and microwave fried sample groups. Besides, these electrical methods were found more advantageous in terms of energy consumption.


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