Effect of edible coating containing Aloe vera extracts on the oxidative stability and quality parameters of cooked ground chicken meat





Aloe vera gel, Aloe vera leaf skin, Edible coating, Poultry meat


This study investigated the impact of incorporating Aloe vera gel (AVG) and Aloe vera leaf skin (AVLS) extracts into edible coating (EC) on retarding lipid oxidation and enhancing the quality characteristics of cooked ground chicken meat during 14 days of storage at 4 °C. The results indicated that both AVG and AVLS extracts had a similar amount of total phenolic contents. EC application resulted in a decrease in pH values, and an increase in aw values. The addition of 2% AVG or AVLS extracts into EC formulation also decreased TBARS and ORP values. Although textural properties were not affected by EC application containing AVG or AVLS extracts, this application retarded L*, a*, and b* color values. The results indicated that Aloe vera extracts may be incorporated into EC by processors to improve lipid oxidation inhibition and maintain the quality characteristics of poultry meat products during refrigerated storage.


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