Influences of using enzymatic complexes in the second centrifugation of olive paste


  • Herminia Millán Linares Süd-Chemie S.L
  • José Alba Mendoza Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC)
  • María José Moyano Pérez Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC)
  • Björn Oliver Jackisch Süd-Chemie S.L



Enzymes, Oil mill, Olive oil, Second centrifugation


Virgin olive oil is a natural fruit juice that conserves the flavor, aroma, vitamins and all the properties of the fruit from which it comes, being, in addition, the only vegetal oil that can be consumed as “virgin” or completely unrefined.

The extraction of the juice from the olive is carried out exclusively by mechanical means in the first centrifugation step, in order to obtain directly consumable virgin olive oil. The use of enzymatic complexes in the process of a second centrifugation step has been contemplated in order to obtain a greater yield of refinable virgin oil.

With this work, we attempt to demonstrate an increase in the yield of oil extraction with the use of an enzymatic complex in the second centrifugation and to confirm that its use does not affect the quality of the oils obtained


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