Grasas y Aceites, Vol 54, No 2 (2003)

Consistency of structured lipids from fish oil and palm kernel fat

Oscar Díaz Gamboa
Departamento de Tecnología Bioquímico-Farmacéutica, Brazil

Luiz Antonio Gioielli
Departamento de Tecnología Bioquímico-Farmacéutica, Brazil


Through interesterification of oils and fats is possible to obtain structured lipids (SL), which are considered functional foods, due their potential effects on the prevention of diseases. For this reason, there is great interest in the production of SL. The objective of this paper was to obtain structured lipids from chemical interesterification from palm kernel fat and fish oil and to analyse the interactions that occur in the binary mixtures of these lipids. Six samples consisting of two individual samples and four binary mixtures were studied. The samples were analyzed for fatty acid composition and consistency at the range temperature from 5 to 25ºC. A mathematical model of multiple regression of the quadratic type was applied. The results showed that the interactions between the two components were significant. The consistency depended on the palm kernel fat and on the binary interactions between palm kernel fat and fish oil. The negative coefficients to the consistency showed an antagonic effect which is characteristic of eutectic interactions between fats.


Binary mixtures; Consistency; Fish Oil; Palm kernel fat; Structured lipids

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