Grasas y Aceites, Vol 53, No 4 (2002)

Phosphatides content in soybean oil in function of bean moisture content-at-harvest and storage-time

Enzo A. Tosi, Ampelio F. Cazzoli, Edmundo D. Ré, Luis M. Tapiz



The influence of soybean moisture content-at-harvest and storage time upon total and non-hydratable phosphatides content in oil and bean phospholipase D activity was evaluated. Tests were performed upon soybeans harvested with moisture contents between 14.4 and 33.3% weight wet basis (wb). They were air dried at 25ºC until achieving safe storage moisture contents between 12.8 and 13.5 % wb and were stored at the same temperature for 245 days. Periodically they were analyzed for total and non-hydratable phosphatides content and phospholipase D activity. Total phosphatides initial content was high in soybeans with higher initial moisture levels and decreased slightly with time. Total phosphatides content remained constant at their initial levels in soybeans with lower initial moisture content. Non-hydratable phosphatides content was related to the phospholipase D activity, which decreased 30–35 days after harvest, and then stabilized, with values between 3.0 x 10-4 and 3.8 x 10-4 choline mmol/(min • soybean g).


Glycine max.; Moisture; Phosphatides; Phospholipase D; Soybean; Storage

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