Grasas y Aceites, Vol 52, No 6 (2001)

Modeling of oil extraction from olive foot cake using hexane

Hocine Kadi
Faculté des Sciences, Université Mouloud Mammeri, Algeria

Hocine Fellag
Faculté des Sciences, Université Mouloud Mammeri


In this work, the influences of the factors, which can have effect on oil extraction from olive foot cake using hexane, are studied. From the experimental results, a mathematical model for calculation of the extraction yield is proposed. The statistical tests used to obtain this model show that the yield does not depend on the granulometry and the stirring rate, but depends on the temperature, the contact time and the liquid-solid ratio (L/S). Also, it depends on interactions between time and temperature and interactions between time and L/S. The comparison of the results given by the experiment and the model allows us to say that the model is satisfactory.


Extraction with hexane; Mathematical model; Olive foot cake

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