Grasas y Aceites, Vol 50, No 5 (1999)

Studies on non-traditional oils: l. Detailed studies on different lipid profiles of some Rosaceae kernel oils

Minar M. M. Hassanein
National Research Centre, Fats and Oils Res. Dept., Egypt


Kernel oils obtained from apricot, peach and plum, produced as by-products from food canning industry, were analyzed by capillary GC and HPLC. The fatty acid composition of the fractionated mono-, di- and triacylglycerol was elucidated. Oleic acid ranged from 64 to 72% in triacylglycerol (TAG), whereas linoleic acid ranged from 17% to 27%. The TAG profile showed the presence of 0 0 0 (35-42%), LOO (22-28%), LLO (7-16%), LOP and LLS (6-7%), OOP (6-10.4%). Campesterol-, 5-stigmasterol-, β-sitosterol-. isofucosterol, 7-stigmasterol and avenasterol were detected in the three analyzed oils. Sterylglycosides were also determined and showed some characteristic profiles. The three kernel oils contained appreciable amounts of tocopherols in which gamma-tocopherol was the predominating one. Alpha-and delta-tocopherols were also present in smaller quantities. Results obtained can be used to characterize these kernel oils and facilitate their differentiation from the other oils.


Apricot seed oil; Lipid profile; Peach seed oil; Plum seed oil.

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