Vol 64, No 4 (2013)


Table of Contents


Analysis of chicken fat as adulterant in butter using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics
A. F. Nurrulhidayah, A. Rohman, I. Amin, M. Shuhaimi, A. Khatib
Effect of gamma radiation on the lipid profiles of soybean, peanut and sesame seed oils
A. M.R. Afify, M. M. Rashed, A. M. Ebtesam, H. S. El-Beltagi
Effect of irrigation and pruning on the amount of minor compounds and fatty acids in the virgin olive oils of the variety Farga
J. I. Monteleone, C. A. Zuritz, A. D. Gascón, J. A. Morábito
Method for the validation and uncertainty estimation of tocopherol analysis applied to soybean oil with addition of spices and TBHQ
M. G. da Silva, C. A. S. Almeida, A. M. R. O. Miguel, B. H. Gomide, E. S.B. Parra, N. Bragagnolo
A quality assessment of crude palm oil marketed in Bahia, Brazil
D. T. de Almeida, I. L. Nunes, P. L. Conde, R. P.S. Rosa, W. F. Rogério, E. R. Machado
An AS-PCR assay for accurate genotyping of FAD2A/FAD2B genes in peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)
H. T. Yu, W. Q. Yang, Y. Y. Tang, X. Z. Wang, Q. Wu, D. Q. Hu, C. T. Wang, S. L. Yu
Extraction of passion fruit seed oil using supercritical CO2: a study of mass transfer and rheological property by Bayesian inference
R. Cardoso de Oliveira, R. M. Rossi, M. L. Gimenes, S. Jagadevan, W. Machado Giufrida, S. T. Davantel de Barros
A novel process for the aqueous extraction of oil from Camellia oleifera seed and its antioxidant activity
X. Yu, Q. Li, S. Du, R. Zhang, C. Xu
Study of the heat transfer during the alkaline treatment in the processing of Spanish Style green table olives
M. Tarrado-Castellarnau, J. M. Domínguez Ortega, A. Tarrado-Castellarnau, R. Pleite Gutiérrez
Discrimination of edible olive oils by means of synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy with multivariate data analysis
A. Dankowska, M. Małecka, W. Kowalewski
Comparative effect of high pressure processing and traditional thermal treatment on the physicochemical, microbiology, and sensory analysis of olive jam
J. Delgado-Adamez, M. N. Franco, J. Sánchez, C. de Miguel, M. R. Ramírez, D. Martín-Vertedor
Determination of the characteristic sensory profiles of Aloreña table-olive
H. Galán-Soldevilla, P. Ruiz Pérez-Cacho, J. A. Hernández Campuzano