Effect of maturation degree on fatty acid profile of different tissues in wild and farmed rohu (Labeo rohita)


  • Bilal Hussain Department of Bioinformatics, GC University
  • Shahid Mahboob Department of Zoology, GC University
  • Muhammad Hassan Department of Zoology, GC University
  • Shahid Nadeem Department of Bioinformatics, GC University
  • Tayyaba Sultana Department of Zoology, GC University




Farmed, Fatty acids, Labeo, Maturation, Rohita, Wild


During the breeding season, lots of physiological changes occur in the bodies of fish which lead to other phenotypical, anatomical and behavioral changes. To evaluate the impact of breeding on the bodily composition of fish, tests were conducted to determine the fatty acid profile of the brooder and Non-brooder wild and farmed fish. Samples were analyzed by gas liquid chromatography using a flame ionization detector.There are non significant differences in the amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in wild and farmed nonbrooder fish whereas in case of brooder there are significant differences. Brooder farmed fish contained more saturates in gonads approximately twice that of wild fish with C16:0 as the dominating fatty acid. C18:2n-6 and C20:5n-6 were the dominating unsaturated fatty acids in the gonads. Non-brooder fish contained more unsaturated fatty acids in the meat as compared to the brooder fish and farmed fish contained higher amounts of saturated fatty acids as compared to wild fish. C18:1n-9 and C20:4n-6 fatty acids were found in higher quantities and among the saturated acids, C16:0 is the dominating one. More or less similar results were found in the case of the liver fatty acid profile of breeding and nonbreeding fish. Fish of lower weight categories contained more unsaturated fatty acids and so better for consumption to leave the brooders of higher weight categories for the breeding of future generation.


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