Enzyme-assisted three-phase partitioning: An efficient alternative for oil extraction from Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)





Cell wall hydrolysis, Enzyme-assisted three-phase partitioning (EATPP), Solvent extraction (SE), Green extraction method, Sesame oil


Three-phase partitioning (TPP) was explored for oil extraction from Sesamum indicum L. seeds. The process parameters, namely the salt concentration, slurry/t-butanol ratio and system pH were standardized. The optimum conditions for maximum oil recovery using TPP were an ammonium sulphate concentration of 40% (w/v), slurry/t-butanol ratio of 1:1 (v/v) and system pH of 5.0. The powdered seeds were subjected to enzyme-assisted three-phase partitioning (EATPP) which was pre-treated with pectinase, protease and a mixture of ɑ-amylase and amylo-glucosidase (1:1 ratio) followed by TPP (as standardized conditions) and its efficacy in recovering oil was compared with TPP and solvent extraction (SE). Out of all the enzymes studied, EATPP with pectinase resulted in the highest oil recovery (86.12%), which was higher than that of TPP (78.24%). The free fatty acids, saponification value and peroxide values were observed to be lower in the case of TPP and EATPP when compared to SE, indicating better oil quality.


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