Pressure, temperature and processing time in enhancing Camelina sativa oil extraction by Instant Controlled Pressure-Drop (DIC) texturing pre-treatment




Camelina sativa, “Instant Controlled Pressure Drop” DIC, Meal valorization, Oil pressing extraction, Oil solvent extraction, Texturing


Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (DIC) was evaluated as a texturing pre-treatment for the extraction of Camelina sativa (L.) oil. DIC was coupled to Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE), Pressing and Dynamic Maceration (DM). DIC optimization was performed by studying the effects of pressure, temperature and processing time on oil yield. DIC + ASE obtained seed-oil yields of 615.9±0.5 against 555.5±0.5 g oil/kg-ddb for untextured seeds (RM). Via pressing, oil yields were 490.9±0.5 and 444.7±0.5 g oil/kg-ddb for textured and untextured seeds, respectively. Through coupling DIC (P: 0.63 MPa and t: 105 s) to the pressing extraction (60 s) of seeds along with 2h of DM of meals, it was possible to reach 605.8 g oil/kg ddb of oil yield. The same results were not obtained for RM seeds, where after 24 h of DM extraction, the oil yield was 554.7 g oil/kg ddb. DIC allowed for an increase in Camelina oil yields, reduced extraction time and valorized pressing meals.


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