Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the oil extracted from Phoenix seeds




Fatty acid composition, Physicochemical properties, Soxhlet extraction method, Ultrasound extraction method


In this work, phoenix (Firmiana simplex L.) seed oil from Sterculiaceae was extracted using ultrasound-assisted and Soxhlet methods, and physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition were compared and analyzed. The kinetic and thermodynamic properties of the extraction process of Phoenix seed oil were also evaluated. The results showed that the common physicochemical properties of the oil samples extracted by the ultrasound-assisted method were lower than those of the Soxhlet extraction method. In the range of 293 K to 323 K, the effective diffusion coefficient of Phoenix seed oil was significantly different, and varied from 5.18×10-13m2·s-1 to 1.29×10-12m2·s-1. The entropy and enthalpy changes in the extraction were positive with values of 33.17 J/(mol·K) and 7.15 kJ/mol, respectively. This work provides the theoretical basis for the development of extraction process parameters and the design of an extraction process for Phoenix seed oil.


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