Stabilization of organic extra virgin olive oil using maceration and ultrasound-assisted extraction of natural antioxidants from Artemisia absinthium leaves




Artemisia absinthium leaves, Enrichment, Maceration, Organic extra virgin olive oil, Ultrasound-assisted extraction


Olive oil is the most popular product derived from Olea europaea L. due to its organoleptic characteristics and its beneficial effects on human health. Nowadays, there is a growing interest in olive oil enrichment with medicinal plants. In this regard, Artemisia absinthium L. is an edible source of antioxidants. The aim of the present study was to improve the oxidative stability and the nutritional value of Organic Tunisian Chetoui Olive oil by its enrichment with the phenolic compounds in Artemisia absinthium. The enrichment carried out by maceration and ultrasound-assisted extraction did not affect the organic criteria of olive oil. The comparative study, performed during one year of storage, showed that ultrasound-assisted extraction led to the lowest final peroxide and extinction coefficient values. At the end of storage, this method increased oleic acid content and biophenol contents. Furthermore, the anti-radical activities of enriched samples were higher than the control.


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