Characterization of lignocellulosic composition and residual lipids in empty fruit bunches from palm oil processing




Agro-industrial residue, Empty Fruit Bunches, Lignocellulosic material, Lipids, Palm oil


Empty fruit bunches (EFBs) are an agro-industrial residue discarded in the environment when the fresh palm fruits are removed for oil extraction. EFBs are abundant in palm-oil-producing countries and cause environmental problems. Besides their content in lignocellulosic, EFBs also contain amounts of residual lipids from the separation process. Because the palm fruit has two main types of oil from the pulp (palm oil) or the seeds (kernal oil), the residual EFBs lipids may have different compositions. Thus, this work aimed at characterizing the lignocellulosic content and the residual lipids in two EFBs from different palm oil producers. The EFBs were classified as Type 1 and Type 2 according to their source. The results showed that Type 1 EFBs had higher lignocellulosic and fatty acid compositions, similar to palm and kernel oils, while Type 2 EFBs had lower lignocellulosic content and fatty acid composition, similar to palm oil.


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